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Annotated scatter plots


When processing multiple NanoSIMS datasets, I end up with a scatter plot of ratios in many different ROIs for a number of different treatments. I want to be able to interact with this scatter plot, for example, to find out the identity of an apparent outlier.

Possible solution

  1. X-Y scatter plots of ratios from multiple datasets are made through the so-called metafile processing function in LANS. This function is executed through the dedicated GUI accessible via Process multiple → Process metafile.
  2. Once the plot is displayed (see image below), activate the viewing of annotations by clicking on the Data Cursos (see the mouse pointer in the image below).
  3. Click on any of the displayed data-points to see its properties, which include co-ordinates, ROI identification number, class identification letter, treatment identification number, and the name of the *.im file where the ROI corresponding to that data point was defined.

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