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Practical information for the nanoSIMS user meeting at Utrecht University

If you come by plane, we assume that most of you will arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. From Schiphol, the most convenient way to travel to Utrecht will be by train.

There is a direct train connection between the airport and Utrecht Central Station (CS). A direct train (Intercity) takes you in approximately 30 minutes to Utrecht.

Train tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or vending machines at Schiphol station. Please be advised that, in the Netherlands, return tickets are valid for one day only. The price of a one-way ticket is €8.70 euro second class and €14.80 euro first class.

You can find more information on the website of the Dutch train services:

If you come by train, you will arrive at Utrecht Central Station. At Utrecht Central Station, there are local and regional buses, as well as taxis, to take you to your final destination. To give you an idea about the prices: a taxi from Utrecht Central Station to the meeting venue costs approximately €19. A bus ticket for the same distance costs €2.70. More information about public transport in the Netherlands can be found on the website: You can also use this link to plan your journey from your hotel to the location of the meeting.

The bus company operating in Utrecht is U-OV. In the Netherlands, all the public transportation (can) make use of a special chip card, but it’s not so convenient when using it for only a short-term stay. You can buy a single ticket at a vending machine or directly at the bus driver, but U-OV does also provide a day ticket for 1, 3 or 5 days. Depending on when you arrive and leave Utrecht, the 3 day version (€11.50) might be convenient at least. These day tickets can be purchased in the main hall of Utrecht Central Station. More information can be found here:

If you are coming by car, please be aware that there is only limited parking space at the campus. However, close to the campus entrance is a large parking garage. It’s a short walk from the parking garage (P&R) to the meetings venue. Close to the bus stop “Botanische Tuinen”, there is also a parking lot.

For those of you who didn’t book a hotel room yet, here are some possibilities:

  • Hotel Mitland Utrecht: This hotel is on the eastern edge of the city, and quite close to the campus. It’s about a 10 minutes to the bus stop (Biltstraat) that will bring you to the campus.
  • Malie Hotel Utrecht: This hotel is in the east of Utrecht, about 5 minutes from the bus stop at the Biltstraat that will take you to the campus.
  • Apollo Hotel Utrecht city Centre: This hotel is located close to Utrecht Central Station in the City Centre, there are bus stops to the campus nearby.
  • Hotel Oorsprongpark: B&B hotel, close to the Biltstraat with bus stops.
  • Park Plaza Utrecht: Close to the Central Station.
  • Star Lodge Hotel Utrecht: Close to the Mitland Hotel, a bit longer stroll to the bus stops.
  • Ibis Hotel Utrecht: A bit further from the campus, but could be a cheaper option. Easy travel when by car.
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