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Auto-processing multiple datasets


I have analyzed 10 nanosims datasets. For each dataset I accumulated the planes (sometimes with, sometimes without the drift-correction applied), defined and classified ROIs, exported images and data in ROIs for 13C/12C and 12C15N/12C14N ratios. However, now I realize that I also need to calculate and analyze the 31P/32S ratios as well as the cell sizes. Can I do this without re-processing each file separately?

Possible solution

Yes, it is definitely possible through the so-called metafile processing. In fact, this feature makes it is possible to generate a wider range of output from multiple datasets, and is one of the unique features of LANS. There are two requirement, though. The first one is obvious: you want to export the same kind of information from each dataset (e.g., the 31P/32S ratio in ROIs, size of ROIs). The second one represents the minimum 'attention' you must give to each dataset before you can do automated processing. Specifically, you must have already processed the data at least to the extent that for each individual dataset the following files exist: the alignment information file (xyalign.mat), the preferences file (e.g., prefs.mat), the ROI definition file (e.g., cells.mat), and the ROI classification file (e.g., cells.dat; this one is not essential).


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